What to Look For In a Residential Water Tank


Storing rainwater at home can be a good choice if you have a large garden, or often need to hose off the house or deck, wash the family vehicles, or even wash the family pets. Collecting and storing rainwater can also be good for areas that are a high risk for brushfires, and especially rural areas that are some distance from emergency services. If you're thinking of getting a water tank for your home, note a few features to look for in a tank, so you know you opt for the best type while not overpaying for something with more options than you actually need.

Seamless design

Tanks come in a wide variety of materials, but most tanks that are made of metal will have a seam of some sort, where the metal parts or sides are bent or otherwise fabricated and then connected together. Even with a high-quality tank made of thick metal, that seam may allow water leaks to eventually form.

A seamless design for your water tank will mean a much lower risk of water leaks. This is something to strongly consider if you'll be storing the water tank inside the home or garage, or any place where a water leak could then result in costly damage to your property.


A water tank will have a fitting or opening so that you can attach a hose or pump of some sort, but note the location of the fitting, and if you might need more than one fitting for your home's water tank. Fittings on both sides of the tank can make for easier irrigation in a garden, as you can then pump water in two directions at once. This can also be good if you're keeping a water tank in case of a fire, as this allows you to pump as much water from the tank as possible at once.

UV inhibitors

You may not realize that excessive sunlight can cause water to become unsanitary, as added heat from direct exposure to the sun might allow algae to grow, even inside a contained tank. Lots of hot, direct sunlight can also damage the material of the tank itself, causing it to weaken so that leaks may eventually form. Opt for a storage tank with UV inhibitors; these will be coatings or a special type of plastic that is meant to reflect UV rays, rather than absorb them. These coatings will protect the tank itself, and also protect the condition of the water being stored.


8 February 2018

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