Why You Should Always Choose Quality Fibre Cement Cladding for Your New Home

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If you're about to build a brand-new home you will be working with architects and designers to come up with the specifications. You'll want to ensure that this building will last as long as possible, that it will be fit for your purpose, suit your family, and that use cutting-edge materials. In particular, you will want to choose external treatments that are not only efficient but look good. Why should you focus most of your attention on fibre cement cladding?

Quality Appearance at a Good Price

When it comes to exterior finishing materials, there are a number of different options. Some people will choose aluminium or PVC panels at the lower end of the budget, but to achieve your goals you want to select fibre cement instead. In fact, fibre cement is even more appropriate because it can be finished and treated in such a way that it will mimic the appearance of concrete or stone but at a lower cost.

Siding Options

You may be familiar with the general look, as you have seen it on properties elsewhere.

For example, you may have noticed the "dutch" lap siding solution that seems to be most in favour around Australia. Evenly matched pieces of siding are placed one on top of the other with a small overlap in each case, while the edges can sometimes be tapered or may be completely straight.

Alternatively, you could choose the "ship lap" solution where each horizontal piece of siding is directly attached to the next. This will give your home a much more contemporary appearance as each strip of siding is slotted into the next one to create an even finish.


Moving up your property to the roof you should consider fibre cement soffit panels and place them under the overhanging eaves. Some of these panels can be vented to allow air to flow into your property and to help make the roof space habitable as well.


Once correctly installed with appropriate underlays and backing boards, these fibre cement panels will help ensure that your building is moisture resistant. Additional elements of flashing can also be added to prohibit any water intrusion and even in the worst weather conditions, so you are always happy with the finished result.

Best Solution

Talk with your designers at the planning stage and make sure that you specify the highest quality fibre cement cladding, such as james hardie products, that you can find.


29 November 2019

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