3 Reasons to Consider Using Portable Ute Cranes Over Permanent Ones

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Purchasing a ute crane is a prudent investment decision you can make as a business owner. Whether you plan to use them domestically or for commercial purposes, incorporating ute cranes in your project simplifies load hauling. It saves you the manual effort by offering mechanical support required to lift heavier loads into the tray efficiently. Besides, ute cranes come in various designs, but the portable types are the most preferred.

This post highlights the three primary reasons why you should invest in a potable ute crane for your projects.

1. Offers More Space in the Tray

While you can't question the benefits of permanent ute cranes, the truth is that they occupy more valuable space. And this can be problematic for businesses that require maximising space on their ute trays. For this reason, most business owners would instead invest in portable ute cranes.

As the name suggests, you can install the mobile ute cranes as needed. Besides, you can take them off your ute tray when done using them. Ideally, the main advantage of this concept is to achieve more space for loading extra light loads and minimise the number of trips you make. 

2. Offers More Protection to the Crane

You won't be using your ute crane every single time you're loading your truck. Therefore, consider keeping your ute crane in excellent working condition during storage. But it isn't simple to achieve this using a permanent ute crane since it remains attached to the tray wherever you go with your truck. 

Additionally, a portable ute crane allows for detachment anytime you are not using it, and this helps offer more protection to your ute crane. For instance, when you don't have any available haulage tasks, consider disassembling your ute crane and store it away safely. In turn, this helps protect the equipment from external elements such as rain and moisture that accelerate its deterioration. 

3. Provides Flexible Lifting Options

While permanent ute cranes can be useful in lifting loads from either side of the tray, the flexibility offered by portable ute cranes is incomparable. Also, this is especially true if you have a couple of ute cranes that have similar arm reach. For instance, in cases where you have distant heavy loads from your ute tray, you might have to move the truck close to the load.

Contrary to this, in the case of a portable crane, you can effortlessly reposition the crane to ute tray without necessarily moving the truck. This flexibility level offers more effortless loading, especially in tasks where you have many loads to manage.


2 February 2020

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