Three Questions to Ask Before Picking Company Workwear

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Are you thinking about introducing a workwear policy for your company? Maybe, you already have company workwear but have decided that the look has become too dated or impractical for the way that your company now operates. Planning your company workwear is a big responsibility since the decisions that you take will affect the working life of everyone within the organisation for years to come. With so many choices of workwear available, it's easy to succumb to your personal preference rather than what might work best for everyone else. Here are three questions you need to ask before choosing the company workwear.

Can everyone work in the workwear?

Workwear can be a vital means of promoting your company through the use of corporate logos and a consistent colour scheme. Workwear can also be a means of providing reassurance for customers when you need to visit their homes. However, neither of these are the primary purpose of workwear.

Workwear should enable everyone to work safely and efficiently, and it should be practically adapted for every job. Not everyone within your company does the same job, yet you will probably want everyone to wear workwear. Think carefully about both the style of each part of the workwear and the materials from which it is made. Make sure that it is tough enough to withstand regular use without becoming damaged or quickly worn out, especially if some employees will need to bend or kneel regularly to complete their work. Finally, check that there are no issues with the style that could make it an impractical choice for someone to wear while doing their job. Long sleeves, a baggy fit or delicate material could all pose problems for many tasks.

Does the workwear suit everyone?

When you want workwear to be worn by every employee, then you must take into account that your employees are all individuals. Some of them will be tall, while others may be shorter. Some of your employees will be thin, while others will be carrying more weight. Then, you must consider that your employees will have a range of skin tones and complexions. Each of these could impact the design of clothing that will suit them. Making sure that your employees look good in their workwear is vital. It not only increases their confidence but also enhances the appeal of your business to your customers.   

Did you ask everyone for input?

You may be making the final decision, but you may not be familiar with every employee and with every task that they need to perform. It is always worth asking for input on your preliminary choices to ensure that you haven't missed anything important.


15 January 2021

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