3 Reasons to Choose a Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

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If you have decided to buy your partner a diamond engagement ring, then you have to choose a cut. While some people opt for a traditional circle-cut diamond, you should also look at square princess-cut stones. What are the advantages of buying a princess-cut diamond ring?

1. Save Money

While you might want to splash out on an extravagant and expensive engagement ring, you might not have the budget to spend big. After all, if you have a wedding ahead of you, you're going to have a lot of expenses to cover. A princess-cut diamond ring costs less. Jewellers waste less of the diamond when they make a square cut compared to a round one.

Also, this style has more shapes and facets on it. Its surface is more complex than a simple circle cut. This complexity works well with lower grades of diamonds. Flaws don't show on the stone because of its styling. So, you can save money here by using a more economical and cosmetically forgiving cut. The beauty of this cut is that the stone will look more expensive than it actually is. You won't break the bank but you won't look like a cheapskate.

2. Get a Larger Face

If you're on a budget, then a more expensive diamond cut might limit the size of stone you can buy. Even a mid-range circle-cut stone can look small. This can be a problem if you know that your partner prefers to wear rings with larger and more unusual stones.

If you want to make a statement with a bigger diamond, then a princess-cut ring is the perfect solution. The square shape you get here makes the stone look bigger in its setting. So, you can match your partner's style preferences. You get an engagement ring stone with a larger face and a more unusual cut. While a princess cut is traditional, it also stands out more than a circle cut and fits in well with more unusual ring settings.

3. Get Stunning Sparkle

The way you cut a diamond affects how it looks in its ring setting. While simple circle stones have a bright sparkle, a princess cut can make a diamond really shine. The shaping on the stone, combined with its slight pyramid profile, gives the diamond a multifaceted surface. It takes in and reflects more light in more interesting ways. Your ring might look more brilliant.

To find out more about princess cuts, ask jewellers to show you some examples from their diamond engagement rings stocks.


29 July 2021

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