3 Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters in Your Home

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If you want an alternative to curtains, then you might be looking at installing internal blinds or shutters. Make sure to add plantation shutters to your shortlist. These shutters don't just enhance your home's interior and exterior decor; they also have various practical benefits. What are they?

1. More Light Control

While curtains do a good job of dressing windows, you don't get much control over how much light they let in. To control light, you have to close or open the curtains. Your rooms might feel too dark during the day if you have to keep your curtains closed to keep the sun out.

Plantation shutters are more versatile. You get more flexible control over the light coming into your home.

For example, you can close the shutters completely at night to get maximum privacy and open them again in the morning to let light into the room. If things get too sunny, you can adjust their slats to block out some, but not all, light. You can keep your rooms comfortably bright no matter how hot the sun is.

2. More Thermal Efficiency

Curtains can be thermally efficient; however, you only really see these benefits when the curtains are closed. Regular blinds will also struggle to keep a room cool or warm.

Plantation shutters can help you control temperature extremes in different seasons. For example, when the weather is hot, your shutters will give you some insulation. If you close their slats, then they keep heat out.

These shutters also help ventilate your home in hot weather. You can have windows open behind the shutters. If you keep the slats partly open, then you keep out the main heat of the sun while allowing air to circulate around your home.

In colder months, these shutters also help keep your home insulated. They create a barrier between your rooms and their windows. This keeps warm air inside your home and prevents it from leaking out of your windows.

3. Less Cleaning

If you want to clean curtains, then you have to take them down. Some blind fabrics and thinner slats are hard to keep clean.

Plantation shutters are low maintenance. Their wide slats make them easier to dust down and clean. You won't have to spend a lot of time keeping them in good shape.

To learn more about plantation shutters and how well they will look and work in your rooms, contact a local company, like Redgum Blinds and Shutters.


9 May 2022

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