Three Planning Precautions for Ordering Your Custom Stickers

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If you are thinking about using custom stickers for promoting your business or labelling your products, you should plan extensively for the creation of the items. In general, stickers are ideal for use in marketing because they are economical, versatile and simple. However, if you make poor decisions during the design and fabrication of the stickers, they can become a liability for your business. Moreover, you might lose significant funds in this undertaking.

8 May 2019

Point-of-Sale Solutions: Three Essential Precautions for Avoiding System Mistakes


If you are preparing for the setup of your new point-of-sale (POS) system, you should plan for the change in your commercial operations with diligence. POS solutions are critical elements in the management of transactions in retail stores, restaurants and other businesses. If the system is not reliable or is susceptible to malfunctions, you will experience a lot of downtime and other problems. As a result, customers might get frustrated, causing significant losses.

8 May 2019