Three Guidelines to Help You Hire a Competent Engineer

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If you work in the construction industry, you will find it necessary to have engineers on your team. If you have a long-term construction project going on, hiring an engineer on a permanent basis will be more sensible than hiring one on contract. On the other hand, if the project will end in six months, it will be easier to hire one on a contract basis. Whether you get an engineer on a permanent or temporary basis, there are certain qualities which you must look for in your employee. Here are three basic guidelines which can help you hire a competent engineer.

Check Their Qualifications

All engineers should have completed basic engineering training in their area of specialisation. The only way to ascertain that someone is properly trained is by asking to see their trade or working license. All engineers carry a license from their professional body. Additionally, you can ask for certified copies of their professional certificates. Another way to ascertain that someone is certified in their work is by looking at the professional bodies they are part of. When you are sure the engineer is properly trained, you can invite them for a one on one interview.

Have a Face to Face Interview

The second step in your hiring process should be meeting the engineer in person. Some aspects of a person's character as a professional cannot be communicated via email or over the phone. When you interview the engineer one on one, you learn about their communications skills, how they present themselves and their general demeanour. The interaction also helps you get a clue on how they will relate with other people at your workplace, and whether they will manage to become part of the team. You can even plan to meet them on the work site and watch how they carry themselves. Observe whether they follow safety standards, if they are able to take over the site as managers and so on.

Discuss the Terms of Payment

If you are confident that the engineer meets your standards of a great employee, you can start discussing terms of payment with them. If they are within your planned employee budget, you can go on and offer them a contractual agreement.

The quality of your construction project depends on the engineer you hire to make it happen. Take time and recruit a competent one. Interview more than one candidate, check their references and pick the one who checks most of the boxes. 

For further tips, reach out to local engineering services.


25 June 2020

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