How To Conduct Shopfitting

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Do you intend to redesign your shop space? Professional shopfitting can help increase your sales, brand image and brand loyalty. Read this excerpt for a few shopfitting tips.

Work With A Professional Service

A professional shopfitting service will help you plan your project. When choosing a shopfitting service, consider the following: 

  • What is the experience and specialisation of the service? Ask for their portfolio to examine some of their previous projects. Additionally, you could ask management to take you to tour some of their sites.
  • What is the availability of the professional? It is a vital consideration if you have a strict deadline.
  • Do they have sufficient insurance coverage? For instance, general liability insurance guarantees compensation in case of accidents or poor workmanship.
  • Are they reasonably priced? Besides, insist on guarantees. 

The shopfitting professional should conduct a site visit to identify the scope of the project. For instance, they should check the location of water and gas lines. Besides, he or she should also inspect the walls, floors and roof for dangerous materials such as asbestos. The professional should also calculate the total space to know how to subdivide the space. For example, you could opt to forego luxury amenities if you have a small space. 

Design Tips

Below are some shopfitting design tips. 

  • Your entrance must be attractive. Glass doors and windows will allow customers to view the premises from the outside. Include your brand name, logo and the services you provide.
  • Shelving is a vital aspect of shopfitting. The shelves must be spacious. Customers should have an easy time moving in your store and identifying products that might interest them. You could go for wall shelves, display racks or gondola shelves.
  • Incorporate your brand colours when repainting the interior. If you have a high wall, you could have signage of your brand name and logo.
  • Think about the functionality of the retail space. For example, is it disability-friendly? Do customers have sufficient washrooms and sitting area? Do you have a counter where customers can make their purchase?

Managing The Project

The professional should help you choose reusable and cost-friendly materials. Besides, he or she must understand your business needs when executing the works. For instance, there are cases when you cannot afford to close your store. If this is your situation, the professional should subdivide the works to ensure you can still sell your products as he or she renovates the premises. Alternatively, he or she could opt to conduct shopfitting works at night.

When conducting shopfitting works, hire a shopfitting service and consider the recommended design and project management tips. 


31 August 2020

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